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My Heart Tells MeCharles DeForest
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"My Heart Tells Me, "composed by Harry Warren and Mack Gordon and premiered, I believe, by Glen Gray's Casa Loma Orchestra in 1943.

Jeepers CreepersCharles DeForest
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Written by Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer, in 1938, for the movie, "Going Places," in which Louis Armstrong sings this song to a horse.

Spring Isn't EverythingCharles DeForest
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Harry Warren and Ralph Blanes' sublime"Spring Isn't Everything," was written in 1947--then dropped from the  movie, "Summer Holiday," as Charles will explain.

There Is No MusicCharles DeForest
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Here is "There Is No Music," also sublime, with lyrics by Ira Gershwin.  This song was also dropped from the movie "The Barkleys of B'way," starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Following are just a few samples of Charles' solo tribute to Harry Warren for the series "The Great American Songwriters" at the "Corcoran Gallery of Art," in DC, on 10-4-81.  Hope you enjoy!

A Tribute to Great American Songwriter, Harry Warren

About a Quarter to NineCharles DeForest
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"About a Quarter to Nine", by Harry Warren and Al Dubin, from the movie "Go Into Your Dance," was made popular by Al Jolson.

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