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It Was Love, Wasn't It?Charles DeForest
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Here is Charles' original version of "It Was Love, Wasn't It?" (circa 1968), performed in his usual extraordinarily intimate, conversational vocal style and accompanied by his piano trio (or, more often times, by just his piano alone).  Richie Nanista is on bass.

Orchestral "It Was Love, Wasn't It?"
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Here is the same "It Was Love, Wasn't It?" but couched in a more elaborate orchestral garb.  While less intimate, perhaps, this does illustrate how nicely Charles' ballads lend themselves to either context.  Taken from "Charles DeForest Songbook, Vol One," Mike Effenberger is on piano.  Arrangement, brass quartet, bass, and vocal are by Vaughn DeForest.

If You Think I'm a Lover, You're a LoserCharles DeForest
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It's not that Charles didn't write "up-tunes"--it's just that we don't have quite as many recordings of him singing these.  For starters, however, here is one example written and recorded around 1969.  Richie Nanista is on bass, and Ronnie Bennett is on drums.  More examples will follow.

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