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RENEE KAPLAN for New York Newsday


Charles DeForest wraps himself in music.  His sound is warm and elegant.  He has perfected saloon singing.

SHEPHARD for the New York Times

One of the foremost virtuosos of his musical genre, Charles DeForest performs personably, sophisticated and ably.  He will fashion songs from B'way, from the saloon repertory and from his own reservoir of compositions.

THOMPSON for the New York Times

Charles DeForest plays like liquid gold, with a mellow voice suggesting he has curled up inside the melodies.  He dusts off gems nobody has heard of in years.  Mr. DeForest's songs are drama that require savoring.  One of the best.

HUGH WYATT for New York Daily News

DeForest is among the top performers, past and present, who are masters of interpreting the works of the great composers.

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