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City by Dawn

Easy with Love

He's Crazy for Me

I've Come Home, Again

He's the Kind of a Man

I've Got a Whole Lot of Love

Just in Time for Spring

Know What I've Learned?

Leda's Song


Was I Ever Really Young Like That?

So Many Loves

Song for Susan


Suddenly, It Matters

Was I Too Busy to Live, Today?

Wendy's In Love

What Can You Do?

What Took You So Long?

Heart of Winter

I Am the One

I Don't Need Anybody

If There's Someone 

If You Think I'm a Lover

I Have This Habit of Dreaming

I'm Not Ready for You

I Never Was One for the Blues

Is There Anyone Here?

Let's Not Break Up Blues

Look at Me

Love Child

My Time Has Come

Nothing Could Ever Happen to Us

The Ballad of the Sad Cafe

The Best Thing About Love Is

The Day After August

The Echo of a Certain Laughter

The Next Thing You Know

What's Happened to Spring?

When Do the Bells Ring for Me?

Where's That April Boy?

Where Will You Be?

Winter Interlude

Is There Any Other Way to Live?

It's Not the World

It's Not You

It's the End of the Line

It Was Love, Wasn't It?

One Day at a Time

One Love for All of My Life

One Small Forever


There Are Other Things

The Time Is Winter



Wait for Me

Wonderful Stranger

Yesterday's Child

You'd Better Believe It, Baby

You Look Like Someone

You, Love

The More I See of Other People

Run a Little Faster

Meet My Lover

Try with Me

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