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REX REED for the New York Observer

The sublime Charles DeForest provides the best music this side of 1950.  His musical knowledge has a college degree.  Porter, Kern, Cahn & Styne, Leo Robin, Harold Arlen, and the Gershwins are just a few of the bijous he extracts from his jewel box.  Lush chords, impeccable phrasing and supernatural good taste are part of Charles DeForest's witchcraft.  Go experience the spell.

JOHN WILSON for the New York Times

Charles DeForest is sometimes a challenging parallel to Bobby Short's songs and sometimes a venture into his own provocative creations.  Mr. DeForest's approach is quite personal-a soft intimate voice that manages to brush gently over the words in a manner that is clear and precise without being exaggerated.  But while his tone remains subdued, he moves easily through levels of tension and emphasis.  His piano accompaniments are full, positive, getting into two-handed swinging passages when that suits the mood of the song, but never dwindling to superficial tinkling.  The songs he writes are blithe, witty, Porter-like lyrics riding on a catchy rhythmic pulse.


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